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Revaluate is a real estate data and lead prospecting company based in Boulder, Co.

We focus on unlocking difficult to find information, helping real estate agents, brokers, teams and brands know who’s most likely to move in the next 3-6 months.

Revaluate Pro was launched at NAR in November of 2016 when Inman wrote “during the demo, one of the highest ranked returns is a personal friend who is indeed looking to move soon.”

In January of 2017 Revaluate was awarded 2017 Top 20 Trendsetter by Stephan Swanepoel’s SP200, and mentioned on stage by both Jeff Lobb and Steve Pacinelli as top Tech Tools at Inman Connect NY.

Prospect like never before.

Previously, agents randomly cold called prospects in their database every day.  Revaluate tells you who of your contacts, leads and lists are most likely to move.  You simply get a text msg or email telling you that your prospect is hot! (so, perhaps you ought grab a coffee with them).

Simple, effective and  efficient to use, Revaluate Pro provides detailed information about your real estate prospect that includes your prospects social networks, job title, estimated income, search history and move score.

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Revaluate in the news

Inman News:

“Revaluate Pro probes your Google or Office Pro account; after the 10 seconds of processing, it has collated your contacts and ranked the top five or 10 prospects most likely to be ready to move.

The software scrubs your list, removing suspicious contacts and ranking what’s left.
The final report comes to you via email as .csv file after an hour or so and can be connected

directly to a CRM or accessed in Revaluate Pro’s interface.
Revaluate found just under 1,000 contacts in my account, a number I had no idea was feasible.

I don’t keep a contact list.

But there they were, and while I didn’t share this with CEO Chris Drayer during the demo, one of the highest ranked returns is a personal friend who is indeed looking to move soon.”

-Inman News, November 2016 -Craig Rowe

Revaluate Cofounders

Chris Drayer – CEO

FireStarter. Founder of Finch Marketing, where he advised real estate technology companies on growth, including the launch of StartUps RealSatisfied, EasyVT, HomeDiary and growing FloorPlanOnline.

Tim Segraves – CTO

Seasoned web developer / manager with experience working at several successful tech startups, including SendGrid, RegOnline, and VML.




Revaluate  Team

Laurie Weston Davis at RevaluateLaurie Weston Davis  – Social Medial Director   Realtor, Internet Marketing and Social Media/Tech Trainer/Speaker, and Geeky!

Laurie is a licensed NC Realtor and partner at Scott Lincicome Properties, a top independent brokerage in Pinehurst NC. She was President in 2014 for the Pinehurst/Southern Pines Area Association Of REALTORS® and currently Mid Carolina Association Of REALTORS® MLS Treasurer. She has presented at Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®, North Carolina Association of REALTORS®, Women’s Council Of REALTORS®, Inman Agent Reboot, RETechSouth, Inman Connect San Francisco and New York and participated as an Inman Connect Social Media Ambassador 2011­2013. Laurie served on the Keller Williams Realty International (KWRI) Agent Technology Council 2012-­1015 and as an official KWRI Social Media Ambassador. Finalist for the Inman Most Innovative Real Estate Agent 2013 and she was named the Inman News People’s Choice Innovator 2013, Inman News 100 Most Influential Leaders 2014, PSPAAR Realtor of the Year 2013, Swanepoel Power 200 ­ Top 20 Most Influential in Real Estate Social Media 2013­/14 and 2014­/15. And of course she is one of The Geeky Girls! 

Revaluate Advisory Team

Rob Schuham Revaluate

Rob Schuham is an entrepreneur, angel investor, startup advisor and founder of many successful marketing agencies and consultancies in Boulder and New York, all working on national and global brand strategies, creative consumer engagement and organizational design.




Howard Rubin

Howard Rubin is managing partner for Match Marketing Group where he oversees the agency’s strategic and creative direction, client relationships, and financial health. His professional passion lies in creating experiences that evoke emotion and connect consumers at the forefront of culture



Dan Green Revaluate Advisor Dan Green  Dan Green is a 6-time, top-producing loan officer with a background in sales and marketing. He founded, and is currently the Chief Publishing Officer, of The Mortgage Reports, one of the nation’s most widely-read consumer mortgage blogs. Dan graduated from Penn State with a B.S. in Finance. “Revaluate shares with consumers what it’s really like to live in a given home. Revaluate examines the information void between a property’s MLS sheet and the knowledge of its seller, and then stuffs it with must-know, real-world data.”



Mike Simonsen Revaluate Advisor Mike Simonsen Michael Simonsen is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Altos Research. A true data geek, he founded Altos Research to commercialize technology he initially built for his personal need to track the value of his oversized Silicon Valley mortgage after the NASDAQ bubble burst of 2002. He has since grown the company to be the premier vendor of real-time housing and rental market analytics. Clients include the largest investment firms, banks, GSEs, and thousands of real estate agents around the country. Mr. Simonsen brings more than 20 years of experience in analytical software to Altos. He was previously vice president of product management at Nevis Networks, where he has a patent pending for applied network cryptography. He has served on the board of directors for the Entrepreneur’s Organization in San Francisco. “There are two elements I look for in an exciting project: Primary data and broad practical application. Revaluate has both. Primary data means that you’re looking at the original source of the insight. It’s not just licensed and repackaged. This is information you can’t get elsewhere. It’s rare and powerful. That Revaluate applies this insight into individual homes promises to be enormously powerful and refreshing for home buyers.”


Gahlord DeWald Revaluate Advisor Gahlord DeWald Gahlord Dewald is a strategist. At Thought Faucet,  he works with organizations on several continents to solve wicked problems involving audience, technology, and developing business capabilities. For more than 15 years Dewald has developed web sites, built and improved marketing teams, made creative things like animation or design or music or film or branding and identity materials. His blending of number and narrative, analytics and creative, have become admired by his clients and by the industries he serves. “The Revaluate entrepreneurial team combines data application experience beyond what is sometimes a myopic view of data in the real estate industry with experience in the intricate and subtle issues facing any technology entering the real estate market. This is what I find most hopeful, interesting, and inspiring about the opportunity to advise Revaluate’s entrepreneurial team.”