Author: Nai Obeid

Jay Thompson at Revaluate's NAR nugget stage 0

How to Win with Content

A lot of people are frustrated with content marketing. They think they can’t do it or they think they can’t compete with the big companies, like Zillow or Trulia. We were honored to have Jay Thompson, (soon to...

Revaluate helps reveal likely movers 0

Find the Gold in Your Data

  Revaluate created advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze Government Data, Social Data as well as prospect search and spend behavior. We help you identify the contacts in YOUR database that are most likely to move...


How to Build Your Brand with PR

82% of people say that the most important factor when choosing an agent is local expertise, and 80% of all home buying transactions start online. These percentages can work to your advantage. How? you ask. In this video,...