DOJ to NAR: $85B in Commissions is a Bit Rich

Chris Drayer

CoFounder of Revaluate. FireStarter, Real Estate geek, tech junkie. Where we're going, we don't need roads.

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  1. Brian says:

    Interesting perspective. You have hit many nails on target. However, possibly consider that the actions of the players (All of them) to disrupt the industry may be a good thing. Consider having less ‘Real Estate Brokers’ working for less commission and focused on volume. This would speak to your term Discount Broker, a term that distorts, creates prejudice and crosses the line of many of the current NAR’s current talking points about antitrust. Because a Broker charges a lower commission does not make them a discount. Broker, or means they can work for less due to their business model. Discount Broker also infers that there is a standard higher commission that they are not adhering to – Big Problem use this term – feeds directly into the lions den. If I have low overhead as a Independent Broker and a Business model that achieves an acceptable return on my time representing clients while offering high quality service and results I can not be called a Discount Broker. I am simply offering an opportunity to save clients money. And as it is not proper, and most likely illegal, to infer there is there is a standard commission – which is exactly what the term alludes. Caution!! Look to change and maybe more deals with less players. Change can be a good thing.

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