iBuyers Are Eating the Real Estate World

Chris Drayer

CoFounder of Revaluate. FireStarter, Real Estate geek, tech junkie. Where we're going, we don't need roads.

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  1. You raise some very interesting and valid points! When large REIT’s snap up homes by the thousands, there’s generally little to no chance these homes will ever end up in the hands of the general public again. Instead, institutions trade hundreds, if not thousands of homes in lots to other institutional investors when and if they’re looking to unwind their portfolios. 2020 was a terrific example of just how quickly investors seek safety as nearly every iBuyer in our Phoenix market immediately halted their shopping spree and cancelled thousands of existing contracts, in some cases, costing potential sellers there dream homes in the process. I hope to see bond yields get back to healthy levels in 2023/2024 to incentivize investors to keep their money invested in the stock and bond market. Because when Wall Street starts trading houses like stocks, who knows what’s in store for Main Street.

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