Real Estate Lead Evolution: Fall Out at

Chris Drayer

CoFounder of Revaluate. FireStarter, Real Estate geek, tech junkie. Where we're going, we don't need roads.

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3 Responses

  1. Tim says:

    Great article with lots of good insight on how the market is changing.

  2. Chad says:

    Well written Chris 👍💯

  3. This is 100% fact and I am so happy to see this article because I knew I couldnt be the only person who has picked up on this. I have been an agent for many years and was my main lead source. In 2019 I noticed a significant drop in volume of leads, serious under delivery and what was coming in was consumers whom either have an agent, are on very low home price or not possible to convert. In October of 2019 I was approached by Opcity for our office to be an Opcity partner, I was open to it as I figured it would help my agents potentially fill the void during the slow times. Only to realize shortly thereafter that Opcity was the main reason for our loss of volume and creditable potential buyers and sellers. We were getting only what was remaining after Opcity was through. This brought me to fight with as what they are doing is pure fraud. Of course they act stupid when you call and getting a real person on the phone and not someone giving you a pre rehearsed answer is next to impossible. is supposed to be supported by the NAR however what their company is transforming into is purely unethical bad business behavior. I cannot believe that the NAR condones this and I cannot believe no one has taken this further in a court of law. I had to fight for days and several sales reps to get any possible shortage on my contract. I just wanted out. However even with their unethical behavior they would not let me out. So I am forced to continue to spend a large sum of our office budget every month for potential business that is not able to be converted or people who have agents mostly. However on another note there is no lack of good qualified leads coming out of Opcity. The leads coming from Opcity used to be our leads, what we pay for and what we are still paying for, only for to provide them to Opcity first and then Opcity to the sell the good qualifying potential buyers and sellers back to our office at a 35% referral fee. It is disgusting and when our contract is done we will be no longer supporting this company as their ethics, service and product is a scam.

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