Revaluate - Firepoint Integration

The Details

Revaluate can integrate with your Firepoint account to pull your contacts in and begin monitoring their scores.

To enabled the Firepoint integration:

  • First go to the settings page and the integrations tab and enter your Firepoint "Secret Key". Ask your Firepoint account manager if you're unsure what this is.
  • Second, you need to export your contacts from Firepoint into a CSV file and then upload them into Revaluate. This maps the ID from the Firepoint system into Revaluate so we can push notes to the lead with the Revaluate Score.
  • Finally, go to the integrations page in your Firepoint dashboard and enable the "Call Center" integration and choose Revaluate for the endpoint option.

A few notes about this integration:

  • New contacts will be pushed to Revaluate when they are created in Firepoint as long as the final step above (enabling Call Center integration) is completed.
  • When we identify a very likely mover, we'll create a note on that lead in Firepoint with their Revaluate Score so you can work directly from Firepoint.