Revaluate - WiseAgent Integration

The Details

Revaluate can integrate with your WiseAgent account to monitor your contacts and update the WiseAgent platform with the contact's Revaluate Score.

The WiseAgent integration is handled within the WiseAgent system. The basic steps to enable this integration are:

  • Go to the integrations page within your WiseAgent account.
  • Find the Revaluate integration and enter your email address.
  • Go to the billing section in WiseAgent to enable your Revaluate subscription.
  • Finally choose which contacts you want to send to Revaluate for monitoring.

Here is a short video on how it all works:

A note about this integration

  • If you ever need to change your WiseAgent API key, you can do that on the integrations tab of the settings page in Revaluate: