Don't leave money on the table

Many real estate agents leave money on the table - they essentially give leads to other agents because they don’t know that someone in their sphere of influence or database is considering a move. Every day other agents do a better job of marketing to movers...they are stealing your prospects.

Revaluate is advanced, and built for top agents that want a better way. They leverage machine learning, big data and algorithms to know what prospects are most likely to be moving.

Revaluate tells you Who, When and Why to call a prospect - connecting you at the right time, with the right information and letting you keep what’s yours.

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An Advanced, Smart Database

It’s a balance. Your database is valuable, but every prospect is at a different stage - who to focus on when? Revaluate automatically identifies your different prospects and connects you with the prospects most likely to be moving in the next 3 to 6 months.

Revaluate also grows your connection to those prospects that are not yet ready to move. We automatically improve your data and build the profiles for the cool prospects so you can close that sale down the road.

  • Know who to market to
  • Know why they're likely to move
  • Know when you should be marketing

Gain Insight

Unlock your sphere of influence and database. Revaluate paints a picture of every prospect - their changing marital status, job promotions, price range and search habits.

  • Build your database
  • Focus your agent marketing efforts
  • Close more deals

Algorithm & Big Data Driven Real Estate Insight Like None Other

The Most Advanced system for top agents, brokers and brands.

They Close Your Friends, Neighbors and Leads

Each day, your sphere of influence, your leads, and your relationships get poached by competing agents.

See How Revaluate Advanced Agent Marketing

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