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-- Altos Research || -- Dave Robles, KW Think Real Estate || -- Mike Simonson || -- David Arnett, Cherry Creek Mortgage || -- Bill Lublin, C21 Advantage Gold || - David Arnett, Cherry Creek Mortgage || - Dave Robles, KW Think Real Estate || -- Laurie Davis, BHG Lifestyle Property Partners || Michael Lissack, The Virtual Real Estate Group

Revaluate uses artificial intelligence powered by advanced algorithms to find
who in your existing database is most likely to move in the next 3-6 months.

What We Do

Our machine learning algorithms analyze millions of data points to reveal when someone in your existing prospects database is thinking of moving -- before they choose an agent or lender.

The Revaluate Team

Inman Innovator Award Finalist

Swanepoel Top 20 Trendsetter

Ranked #3 Real Estate Software 2019

Best Software 2019

Best New Technology

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Everything you need is in your existing prospects database.

11% of Americans move annually.*
Empower your team to spend their time on the leads that matter.
Better than 1 out of 3 times, Revaluate predicts that a move will happen in 3-6 months.
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*U.S. Census Bureau


% Move Each Year
Cold Calling Accuracy
Time Savings

(based on 3 hrs/day, 40 calls/hr)

The Power of Artificial Intelligence

Revaluate knows the Data D's that cause people to move: Diamonds, Diplomas, Death, Divorce, Downsizing, Dumpsters, Diapers, Discretionary Income, and The Daily Grind. These indicate with a high degree of accuracy the likelihood of moving - they are the life events that our predictive analytics algorithms look for to determine the likelihood of someone needing to buy or sell a home.


Everyone knows engagements lead to moving. Ten years ago, Realtors used to comb the Sunday paper for engagement announcements. Today, Revaluate researches engagements, revealing likely movers for you.


You can almost hear the champagne popping. When kids graduate, parents frequently move. Sometimes - they help their new graduates find a home, make down payments and fund the mortgage. Diplomas drive deals.


As tragic as death is, it frequently presents an opportunity to lend a hand and help the family, as many times a family must deal with selling the home.


Good news: Fewer people are getting divorced now than at any point since 1980. However, 41% of all divorces include the selling of a property as part of the settlement process. You can help make a very difficult time a little easier.

Our Customers

Revaluate is being used by some of the biggest names in the real estate and mortgage industries. Our artificial intelligence engines are helping them close more deals and improve their bottom lines.

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Revaluate has broken new ground in behavioral analytics.

Laurie Weston Davis

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Why Revaluate?

Database Cleaning

We improve our accuracy by scrubbing your database to remove duplicates, industry contacts, vendors and other email addresses that may skew results.

Easy To Use

We deliver likely mover prospects straight to your inbox, phone or CRM. Our simple interface makes it drag-and-drop easy to add, remove, or modify contacts.

Competitive Pricing

Revaluate has solutions for Enterprises such as Mortgage Lenders, Banks, or Brands, as well as Individual LO’s, Real Estate Agents, and Brokers. All while delivering up to 24X ROI.

Award Winning

Revaluate is a 2017 Inman Innovator Award Finalist and a 2017 Swanepoel Top 20 Trendsetter.

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