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There's gold in your data.

Inman innovator 2017 Inman Innovator Award Finalist

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Know Who’s Most
Likely to Move

Revaluate created advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze Government Data, Social Data as well as prospect search and spend behavior to tell you who in your contacts are most likely to move. Focus on on the best, most likely prospects.

Not that bad living there

Revaluate Pro is going to revolutionize how agents work with their network of prospects.

Laurie Weston Davis, Pinehurst, NC

Fill your pipeline
with interested movers

Revaluate creates a database that tracks your prospects, leads and contacts and notifies you when they are most likely to move via text and email.

It’s Automatic, Simple and Efficient.

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Let Revaluate build you a database and see what GOLD we dig up from your contacts. Mine Your Gold.

There's GOLD in your DATA

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