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What's the crime rate of the area? Are the safety violations serious or recent?


Are rats or other vermin a problem? Are there problems with the utilities?

Quality of Life

What is the noise level like? Is the elevator frequently broken?


What other hidden expenses might you face? High utility costs? Energy savings from solar panels?

Easy property comparison

Using our easy comparison view you can compare you're top picks to help find the right place for you.

You can compare both the overall scores along with the individual scores that make up the total. This lets you focus on the areas that are most important to your needs.

You also have the ability to mark one of the properties as your home and sign up for notifications of any new records that may affect you.

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Livability Index

Our custom Livability Index gives you an easy to understand number which makes the comparison of different properties easier than ever before.

  • Compare properties by score
  • Drill into the data
  • Learn about hidden issues
  • See what famous neighbors you have
  • See any open court cases

Try it out today to get the score of your current place and see if you can find something better.

How it works

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    Enter an address

    Using our auto-completing address search finding an address is easy.

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    Evaluate the data

    Dig into the data for the given property. You can view the high-level overview all the way down to invididual records.

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    Compare properties

    Add additional properties and use our comparison tool to find the right new home for you.

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    Sign up for alerts

    Once you've found your new home, sign up for alerts to be notified when important things are changing in and around your home.



Check out some images from the application before you get started.

Revaluate Livability Score

Livability Score

Revaluate Property Summary

Property Summary

Local Celebrities

Local Celebrities

Neighborhood View

Neighborhood View


Check out all of the features available.

Livability Score

Our livability score helps you easily compare properties.

Property Alerts

Get notified when there are new alerts related to your home or neighborhood.

Comparison View

Compare properties to find the right home for your lifestyle.

Neighborhood View

Get a view of the neighborhood for any property.


Get support when you need it.


Check out our Real Estate Glossary to help understand different terminology.

Tailored For Your Needs

Whether you are home owner or renter thinking about moving, a real estate professional or a broker, we have you covered.

Homeowners and Renters

Easy to understand and compare properties.


Get the info you need so there are no surprises prior to closing.


Contact us for solutions for your brokerage.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We've got you covered.

Is there a limit on the number of reports?

Currently, while in Beta, you can view 10 per month - but if you ask us for more - we will hook you up. Just use the Feedback button.

Where is this service available?

Currently this is only available in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Check back soon those because we're always expanding.

Is this data available via an API?

Not currently but please drop us a note if you're interested and we can chat.

Is there a sample report?

Of course! You can view our Sample Report any time.

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