Reveal Cleans, Detoxes, and Scores Your Database
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While Reside helps you add prospects to your database, Reveal gives it context: scoring and segmenting your database to identify intent.

Reveal cleans and segments lists and databases by propensity to move in the next six months. Use this data to improve marketing efficiencies, target prospects and substantially increase ROI. Reveal seamlessly incorporates public and private data including government, social, search and spending insights to deliver highly accurate intelligence on prospects most likely to move.

People Move Each Day

Reveal Uncovers Intent

You share your database with us.

We detox the list for duplicates and outdated information.

We score and segment the list for insight into who will be your likely movers.

You leverage this information in your existing marketing systems.

Shining a Light on Your Ready to Move Customers

Databases are built with many different types of contacts. Leads, prospects, deals and SOI (sphere of influence) are all a part of our data set. Unfortunately, some of that data is dirty and outdated.

Most people are unaware, toiling day-to-day with inefficiencies and errors. Complacency, however, has a huge cost. Every call, advertisement, and email costs time and money – it’s time preventing you and your team from working with legitimate prospects.

Lost productivity has an exponentially profound impact on marketing and sales efforts. We’ve found some databases can have more than 25% dirty data, with the average detox removing 16% of a database. That said – sales and marketing are wasting up to 25% of their time, money and resources on dirty data. Reveal cleans all of that up.

Reveal will help you hone in on the real, motivated consumers in your database.

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