How do you know if your
real estate marketing
is working?

Report Card is the first of its kind live dashboard that provides an instant and accurate health check of what’s happening within your client and prospect database. Never before has the Real Estate industry had this level of database insight.

How you leverage this knowledge depends on your role and goals. Improve recruiting, clean your data, grow your farm, find more listings or simply reduce waste and spend to grow your bottom line. The choice is yours.

The Revaluate Report Card with RealStat Upgrade
Introduction and Demo

With CEO, Chris Drayer

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Revaluate RealStat

  • Grades and Audits your Database
  • Highlights areas for data improvement
  • Maps your Database on Google Maps
  • Maps Opportunities
  • Easy to digest for immediate insights
  • The Highest Quality and most Accurate Data available
  • Calculates lost GCI (Sell side commissionable income)

Any Real Estate Agent knows that nothing is worse than losing a potential sale to another real estate professional - especially when you previously bought the lead or they were in your database all along.

Losing a listing is a sucker punch, a kick in the shins, and one of the worst moments for real estate pros. Typically it’s the driveby with another agent’s sign posted in the yard, the Facebook scroll with your past client’s property listed with another agent, the daily MLS search for listings that should have, or could have been yours. This is an industry wide problem that has lacked a solution.

Pairing RealStat and Report Card with Revaluate’s other industry leading tools yields powerful, game changing results. For example, Revaluate’s AI platform Reveal, identifies likely movers. Our top quality contact data is used to build databases with Reside, or to edit and detox existing databases with Repair to earn you more commissions, save you time and money. To fully leverage Revaluate’s Award Winning AI and systems combine all of our products together to enhance all of the data, maximize efficiency and profits.

Upgrade your Report Card with RealStat MLS Data, showing you the transactions inside your own database, mapping your database and highlighting your success ratio.
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“Revaluate is so far ahead in its thinking and knows how to provide the data that is critical for me to build my real estate business the way it needs to be built.” - Barry Jenkins

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