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Leads today are often generated by various methods that don't standardize common fields and are inaccurate, outdated and incomplete.

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For optimum marketing performance, A complete contact record includes four fields: Name, Phone, Email and physical address. Today’s Leads are generated by various methods that don't standardize these fields. Leads frequently lack complete contact records, are outdated, inaccurate or false making marketing and sales efforts inefficient and costly. Existing methods for cleaning and completing data sets is costly, time consuming and frankly, rarely available.

Revaluate Data Repair is an affordable service, performed 1:1 with a real, live, human, that repairs and rejuvenates databases of contacts for those in the real estate and mortgage industry with an average 24 hour turn time, low cost and high accuracy.

Revaluate Data Repair (RDR) detoxes, repairs and appends datasets creating clean, useful accurate databases to enable efficient and cost effective sales and marketing efforts for individuals, teams and corporations in mortgage and real estate.

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Mike Bernier

Owner/President of Realty Group Minnesota

Mike Bernier, Owner/President of Realty Group Minnesota, already had a thriving marketing outreach system but his team needed more potential customers to work with. Reside fit perfectly into his growth plans. We activated Reside, scoring and segmenting a database of 10,000 new contacts for his team. Their marketing strategy for this database uses coordinated outreach of postcards, informative email drip campaigns, and targeted social media ads. These are designed to prompt an opt-in or engagement, triggering his call center team who can then convert the leads into clients.

“One sale effectively recoups our entire investment,” Mike shared. “We are tracking for a return of 4 times our investment on all stages of this new strategy. We love how Reside has set us up for immediate growth.”

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