Enhance Your Product With
Artificial Intelligence

AI is the hottest trend in the industry and with Revaluate, it’s now easy to implement AI into your product offerings.

Revaluate works with many of the top platforms, systems and tools in the Real Estate and Mortgage industry. Revaluate AI helps our partners reduce churn, increase value, save money and improve the bottom line.

People Move Each Day


Revaluate is acclaimed by top publications such as InmanNews, Swanepoel T3, TheClose and FitSmallBusiness and is the only AI system that identifies mover prospects that has been 3rd party validated. Check out our White Paper to learn more about our incredible, proven accuracy.


Leverage Revaluate's API to add likely mover data and leads directly into your existing platform. The RESTful API is easy to work with and scales with you as you grow.

Your Product on Steroids

Starting with as little as an email address, Revaluate can append a number of data points to give your platform additional actionable data to help grow your bottom line:


Revaluate scores all contacts every night, telling you who the best prospects are each day.


Revaluate removes bad data, detoxing your database, saving you from wasted marketing and sales efforts.


Revaluate can grow or enhance your list with additional contacts and relevant details, such as job title, social links, income and listing status.


Dev teams love our RESTful API. It’s easy to integrate and uses common standards making it a simple win / win.

Why Revaluate

Your product is already successful, but your data can be doing more. Enhance your offering with Integrated Artificial Intelligence from Revaluate.

Set up a time to talk with our team about a white label Revaluate integration that increases your bottom line.