Privacy and Security

The Details

Revaluate takes privacy and security very seriously. Our policy maintains the following:


  • Your data is your data. - If you leave Revaluate, your data goes with you.
  • Contact data is never shared with any other agent or broker.
  • We never sell, email, or otherwise contact any of your contacts without your express consent.
  • Only a limited number of Revaluate employees can access your data. We never allow access to any outside vendors or contractors.


Security is of utmost importance at Revaluate. We secure all personal information using industry standard technologies including:

  • Contact personal information including name, email, phone, address, and other fields.
  • Your presonal information including name, email, password, and phone.

From a technology perspective, all our systems are based on industry leading technologies and standards. A few key points to highlight:

  • All passwords on Revaluate are one-way hashed using industry standard algorithms.
  • Revaluate transmits all data over SSL (HTTPS) to ensure all data transmitted is secure. This includes when uploading CSV files and making requests to the API. Calls are not accepted over HTTP.
  • All servers are supported, maintained, and secured by Google using industry best practices. Revaluate does not maintain any physical servers.

The final security point to discuss is payment card security. Revaluate partners with Stripe which one of the leading online payment processors and is arguably one of the most secure. A few notes about our integration with Stripe:

  • Your credit card never touches Revaluate's servers. It is transmitted securely directly from your web browser to Stripe's servers.
  • No employees at Revaluate can see your credit card number other than the last 4 digits.
  • All credit card changes and updates are processed in the same manner, never touching Revaluate servers.

Have questions? Shoot us a note: [email protected]