Revaluate & Zapier

The Details

Zapier allows you to link your Revaluate to a number of other platforms without any API development work. If you would like to integrate with Revaluate using Zapier, click the following link for access to the Zap: Revaluate Zapier Zap


The easiest way to work with Zapier is through one of our templates. These prebult templates make it easy to get started with a number of 3rd party platforms.

Custom Integrations

The Revaluate Zapier integration has 2 triggers and one action that can be implemented. Each of which are described below:

Trigger - Ascend 80

This trigger will notify an external system each time a contact in Revaluate has a score that moves from below 80 to above 80. You can use this trigger do such things as add contacts to a new campaign in Mailchimp or tag them in your CRM. First you create a new Zap, search for Revaluate, then choose the Contact Ascend 80 trigger:

Next you'll be prompted to authenticate to Revaluate using your API key. You can find this on your profile page

Next you can test the connection by clicking the blue "Test & Continue" button. PLEASE NOTE: You need to have at least 2 contacts in your Revaluate account before continuing.

Finally, your connection to Revaluate is complete and you can now connect it to another service. Please use the other service's documentation on how to complete this if you're unfamiliar.

Trigger - Descend 80

This trigger will notify an external system each time a contact in Revaluate has a score that moves from above 80 to below 80. The setup and configuration are the same as the instructions above for the Ascend 80 trigger except you choose the Descend 80 trigger on the first step.

Action - Create Contact

The Create Contact action can be called based on the trigger from a 3rd party system. For example, if your CRM has a trigger defined for a new lead, you could configure that trigger to add the new contact to Revaluate using this action. The setup looks like the following:

Choose your account or authenticate as shown above if you have not done so already.

Now you'll map your fields from the first system to Revaluate. The contact name and email address are required. The other fields are optional.

Finally, you can test and continue.