Yesterday’s Forgotten Winning Strategy with Today's AI Technology

Back in the day, successful Realtors had a trick up their sleeves that until now, had stopped working.

Top agents had leads delivered to their front door daily. They knew what you know - that life events cause people to move. Every day, deep within their local Newspaper, agents would flip pages and pluck prospects from the paper’s birth announcements, marriage and engagement sections, the obituary and the recently hired sections.

With the death of the newspaper - this super successful strategy passed, and people started buying leads from large portals out of need.

Back in 2014, Revaluate began to build a solution for today's digital environment. A method that uses this super successful strategy, paired with abundant big data and artificial intelligence inorder to predict the propensity of prospects to move. Paired with your powerful CRM and a geographic farm, Revaluate increases your efficiency in time, reduces budget and vastly increases sales.

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