Uploading Contacts

The Details

You can upload contacts to your Revaluate account via CSV or Excel format.

Your CSV or Excel file must contain a header row describing what each column contains. While the only required column is an email address, we do support other columns which can be useful. You may leave any unmatched columns in your file and they will just be ignored.

Below is the list of supported columns with a brief description and the possible varations in naming for the header. Casing is not important but spaces and underscores are.

Email Address (required)

This is the email address of your contact. The field is required.

Header Options

  • Email
  • Emails
  • Email1
  • Email Address
  • Email 1
  • Primary Email
  • Home Email
  • Work Email
  • EmailAddress
  • Additional Email


We support storing a physical address of a contact. Revaluate only has a single field for the entire address. We can import the entire address at once or take each part and will combine it in the backend.

Single Field Header Options
  • Address
Multi-Field Header Options
  • Street
  • City
  • State
  • Zip


The name of the contact can be uploaded either as a single field containing first and last names or in separate columns.

Single Column Header Options
  • FullName
  • Full Name
  • Name
Multi-Column Header Options
  • First Name
  • FirstName
  • OwnerFName
  • Primary FirstName
  • Given Name
  • Borrower First Name
  • Last Name
  • LastName
  • OwnerLName
  • Primary LastName
  • Family Name
  • Borrower Last Name

Phone Number

You can upload a phone number for your contacts.

Header Options

  • Phone
  • Phones
  • Phone Number
  • PhoneNumber
  • Number
  • Phone 1
  • Borrower Cell Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Phone Numbers
  • Cell Phone
  • Home Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Mobile Number


You can apply tags to each contact in your list by assigning them to a column with a header value matching one of the following:

Header Options

  • Tags
  • Tag

External ID

The External ID field is used to map records in Revaluate to records in an external system. The unique ID from the external system can be imported into the Revaluate contact record for easy matching later on.

Header Options

  • External ID
  • ExternalID


If you have access to the contact's salary, you can import that as well.

Header Options

  • Salary

Job Title

You can also import the contact's Job Title if available.

Header Options

  • Job Title
  • JobTitle

Date Of Birth

If you have access to the contact's DOB, you can import that and we'll set the age based on that value.

Header Options

  • DOB