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for growth
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Stepping beyond the limitations of your current database, Reside allows you to choose new geographic areas for customer growth, blending new customer lists into your existing sales process. This new database will introduce you to market segments, people, and business opportunities that you may never have otherwise connected with. Work beyond your current database and sphere of influence, to diversify your customer base and target those with a high intent to move.

People Move Each Day

Reside + Reveal Increases Efficiency

Define your target market: where are you looking to grow your business?

We build the database and detox the list for duplicates and outdated information.

We score and segment the list for insight into intent.

You leverage this information in your existing marketing systems.

Mike Bernier
Owner/President of Realty Group Minnesota

Mike Bernier, Owner/President of Realty Group Minnesota, already had a thriving marketing outreach system but his team needed more potential customers to work with. Reside fit perfectly into his growth plans. We activated Reside, scoring and segmenting a database of 10,000 new contacts for his team. Their marketing strategy for this database uses coordinated outreach of postcards, informative email drip campaigns, and targeted social media ads. These are designed to prompt an opt-in or engagement, triggering his call center team who can then convert the leads into clients.

“One sale effectively recoups our entire investment,” Mike shared. “We are tracking for a return of 4 times our investment on all stages of this new strategy. We love how Reside has set us up for immediate growth.”

An Innovation Leader

Inman Innovator Award Finalist

Swanepoel Top 20 Trendsetter

Ranked #3 Real Estate Software 2019